The 5-minute Philosopher videos

YouTubeI have maintained a small YouTube channel for a while now, where I collect a number of — mostly, but not exclusively, self generated — resources to further public understanding of philosophy. These include a collection of video lectures or discussions featuring yours truly (one of my favorite is this conversation with Dan Dennett and Lawrence Krauss), and even a bit of philosophical comic relief (like this mock Hitler rant against philosophers).

Here, however, I’d like to highlight my ongoing “5-minute Philosopher” series, which at the moment comprises 15 entries. By far the most viewed one (almost 246,000 times) is “What is Philosophy?“, though I like the two videos on the philosophy of science.

Several of these videos are simply built around yours truly talking to the viewer, accompanied by a number of slides to help make my points. However, a number of entries feature philosophical dialogues using two pairs of cartoon characters (one pair is made of robots). While some people have complained about the fact that it isn’t always easy to understand what the characters are saying (they don’t speak with my voice, but use software made available for free at xtranormal, which appears now to be out of business, unfortunately), I like the general idea, and certainly had fun writing the dialogues! My favorites include the one on the idea of progress in philosophy and the one on metaphysics.



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