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Dan KaufmanI’d like to bring to readers’ attention a series of video conversations that I have been taping for a  while now, on an occasional basis, with philosopher Dan Kaufman, of Missouri State University. (If you are interested, check his new enterprise, The Electric Agora.)

The videos are produced on behalf of, and they are now part of a regular series that Dan puts out, called Sophia. You can find the full collection (thus far) at my YouTube channel.

Of the seven entries so far (we just taped an eighth one, on a couple of philosophers who have been most influential in our own lives and careers), I’d like to highlight the one on “Physicists and Philosophers,” which tackles the apparently (and unfortunately) never ending phenomenon of high profile scientists, especially physicists, who dismiss philosophy without seemingly having  read a single philosophy book or paper.

Another of my favorite entries concerns moral realism, were Dan and I explore the possible meanings of the term, the difference between realism and objectivism in ethics (i.e., the idea that there can be objective truths even about things that are not “real” in the sense of being mind independent), and how to recover a robust sense of ethical reasoning while at the same time rejecting realism.


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  1. Hello,

    Dan Kaufman seems to have moved on from Apophenia. Here is part of the message one encounters at the link:

    This will be my last post at Apophenia. Not because I am quitting doing this sort of work, but because I am beginning a new, larger project, with Dan Tippens and Phil Pollock, two former Editors of Scientia Salon, which recently has ceased publishing. Our new project will include much of the sort of thing that I’ve been doing at Apophenia and a lot more.

    That project is a new online magazine, The Electric Agora.

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