Plato’s weekend suggestions

readingsOur regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend:

Einstein has recently been proven right (once again) about his physics. But was he too hasty about his metaphysics?

The social sciences have an ethics problem: they have so far failed to develop a satisfactory theory of ethical life.

The demarcation problem: literature vs erotica edition.

Not a particularly good article, but the point about the “naturalness” of atheism, historically speaking, is interesting.

You Could Look It Up: a history of reference works from the code of Hammurabi to Wikipedia.

How (not) to pick an argument. Unless you really want to piss someone off.

The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it. Which happens to be an increasingly big problem for scientific publication ethics.

122 thoughts on “Plato’s weekend suggestions

  1. Robin Herbert


    Wanting to ban error is the very last thing of which Coel could be accused. You might want to consider that he is probably right.

    Massimo, Although I appreciate that you need to encourage the debate to be calm, I think that maybe Coel has a point – he has gone to a good deal of trouble in the past explaining where Brodix has gone wrong, I don’t think his words count as abuse, rather he is using strong terms to reinforce a point which he has not been able to get across using more measured language.

    I think context counts and if Coel had responded to Brodix in such terms in the first instance, rather than at the end of a good deal of to and fro, then certainly it would be inappropriate.

    But maybe not in this context.

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  2. Massimo Post author


    yes, brodix most definitely has far out ideas about science. The way to deal with that is to i) point it out in detail once or twice; then ii) ignore any further “provocation.”

    You chose instead to keep engaging him, and engaging him, and engaging him. Frankly, to a lot of people’s nausea. Fine, although I asked both of you to move on, I can tolerate that.

    What I’m not going to tolerate is the use of uncivil language, and “crackpot” falls into that category, as far as I’m concerned.

    So what I suggest is that you disengage from bodrix, for your own and our mental sanity. I have also asked repeatedly brodix to quit going off topic. He is under ban threat for that type of offense.

    I really don’t want to ban people, especially you, since your contributions are always valuable. But I honestly believe my site is better off without endless, repetitious back-and-forth sniping of the sort that I’ve seen between you and brodix (though you and Robin, you and Dan, and especially you and labnut come close — wait, do I see a pattern here?).

    Thanks for your understanding.

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