Plato’s weekend suggestions

readingsHere it is, our regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend:

If you are going to read just one article about the limits of science this year, it better be this one.

A somewhat doubtful psychedelic history of philosophy. Bottom line: don’t try it at home.

Narcissists as the anti-Kantians. Does the 21st century suffer from a pandemic of narcissism?

Did Feynman have a simple answer to science-pseudoscience demarcation? Not really, but he played little philosopher anyway. Seems to be an occupational hazard of prominent physicists…

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  1. dbholmes

    Hi Socratic, on the workplace accidents thing, again that is not the problem of the drugs themselves but (like when driving tons of speeding metal) a poor choice made by the user of the dangerous machinery. Yes, altering one’s perceptions when one is working in dangerous conditions is pretty stupid. A musician getting stoned when working on lyrics in the comfort of their own home is not (necessarily).

    The rest of your points I can only ask how much risk does it really add compared to other risks added that are non drug-related? Smoking in bed, okay that is pretty risky. How many fires are caused by cooking, or fireplaces, or poor electrical wiring, or having a Christmas tree? Not to mention with the whole vaping thing nicotine (and theoretically THC) can be had without the fire.

    Suicides and medical costs can be related to other activities people engaged in as well. Indeed one might suggest that the people using drugs who end up committing suicide or suffer heavy addiction are dealing with other problems besides just the drugs. If it were really that bad for things like nicotine and marijuana Holland would look like a train wreck of dead and hospitalized… instead of an amusement park for adults with people relaxing and having fun.

    Amazingly I still haven’t tried any “illicit” drugs, even those that are “licit” in Holland. But I’ve had friends that do… all the time. I drink alcohol. Not probs here.

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