Plato’s weekend suggestions

readingsHere it is, our regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend:

If you want a glimpse of what a post-human future would be like, read Homer.

Can you read this story without distraction? The rise of monotasking.

Academic philosophers: lovers of wisdom or lovers of pedantry? (Why not ask same question of other academic fields?)

34 thoughts on “Plato’s weekend suggestions

  1. brodix


    You lost me as to the demarcation. Why would the ever more complex picture we have drawn of our world not be an extension of what came before? I would agree monotheism is/was overly monolithic in its assumptions, but we are always working off one model or another.
    What is the distinction between natural/biological intelligence and artificial intelligence, that would apply to that era?


  2. Thomas Jones

    Robin, thanks for clarifying. That’s a good point about “what would be the case if the strong AI project were ever successful.”


  3. Robin Herbert

    Hi Brodix,

    If I could tell you about the demarcation then I would accept my Nobel Prize with a great deal more enthusiasm than that Zimmerman fellow.

    We know one distinction that was not known in the 17th century, or that 18th and 19th for that matter. We know that an intelligent system will be, at least, a universal computer. If we had been having this discussion before, say 1930 no-one could tell you what else was involved in intelligence than making distinction and judgement and decision making which computers could already do by the mid 17th century. The question now is – what else?


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