Plato’s weekend readings, episode 57

readingsHere it is, our regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend

‪How and why we change our mind.

‪The museum in the age of selfies and hyper-narcissism.

‪Sartre and the psychology of the alt-right.

‪A very poorly thought out piece on why we shouldn’t teach critical thinking.

‪Old but good one: the pathologies of hope.

100 thoughts on “Plato’s weekend readings, episode 57

  1. Daniel Kaufman

    Why does it bother you so much that someone else finds something annoying that you don’t? It’s like your looking for proof of annoyingness or something. (A) there’s no proof for such things and (B) why would you want it, if there was?

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  2. SocraticGadfly

    Sartre said that selfies would come into being as manifestations of an inauthentic self. Camus then sent him a selfie with caption of “Inauthenticate this, biatches,” then told Sartre to start worrying more about the Stalinist alt-left, too.

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  3. Robin Herbert

    Hi Dan,

    Again I am not sure what you are referring to.

    I have already said that I fully understand how annoying it would be if you are seeing, in some circumstances, a selfie taking event every 3-5 minutes. I just had not understood how radically different the situation is in the USA to that in Australia. Since this discussion began I have not even seen even one instance of selfie taking.

    I was just commiserating with you guys on living in a country that is such a surreal nightmare, although I am sure there are compensations.

    But, again, we seem to have no disagreement here, we are just taking about two different countries.

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