Plato’s reading suggestions, episode 79

readingsHere it is, our regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend:

Penrose keeps discussing consciousness, everyone else keeps not understanding what he’s talking about.

Medical logos vs medical eros?

Trump’s voter fraud commission is a shameless white power grab.

So, what do people think about the recent Hypatia debacle?

Here is one take, and here is a very different one.


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  1. There a lot of problems with gender studies and feminist studies in the Academy, as we see in the Keenan articles; and these are worth discussion.

    However this “hoax paper” non-event is an embarrassment to those endorsing it, for reasons I think saphsin makes very clear. One doesn’t catch a minnow and proclaim it a whale without losing credibility.

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  2. the stereotyped idea of a doctor with no bedside manner.

    Doc Martin


  3. \

    In this book Sharon Traweek who spent sometime round slac interview people says that the accelerator is longer than it’s narrow because its a phallic symbol.

    I guess if she’d gone to Fermilab (circular machine) she’d come to a different conclusion, though even there the beam penetrates the detector.

    In either case the aspect ratio is vastly wrong.


  4. Robin,

    “To my mind, here is what happened. A philosophy professor wrote a paper for a philosophy journal and four or five hundred people [academics] signed a letter asking for the paper to be retracted. The editors of the journal agreed, apologised and retracted the paper”

    I also thought the the paper was retracted at first, but it wasn’t. What happened was that some of the Hypatia editors posted on a Facebook page that they agreed the paper didn’t meet professional standards.

    Not sure yet what to make of the media focus, tone, and sloppy journalism, of course there are problems, but as far as I can tell over the past years, nine times out of ten, the further you research the issues, the less the portrayals hold up and that’s definitely not helping progress on the real problems.


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