Plato’s reading suggestions, episode 126

ancient orgiesHere it is, our regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend:

Is meditating on death like putting on a fur coat in summer? (spoiler alert: no)

The History and Psychology of the Orgy.

The language of strategic planning (doesn’t make it any more meaningful of an exercise…).

The only thing you ever really need to read about (and, as bonus, by!) Jordan Peterson.

Particle physicists begin to invent reasons to build the next larger particle collider.


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154 thoughts on “Plato’s reading suggestions, episode 126

  1. Disagreeable Me (@Disagreeable_I)

    Like others here, I suspect Jordan Peterson is earnest, but a little confused and incoherent in a lot of what he says. However I do think there is a certain amount of virtue-signalling going on in many attacks on him, these attacks often being incoherent and unfair themselves. That infamous interview on Channel 4, for instance, where he was making a lot more sense than his interviewer.

    I’m not hugely familiar with him, but my impression is that he is undeserving of either the attention or the vitriol he attracts.

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  2. Mark Shulgasser

    Then I found this (these coincidences do make me laugh) in Simon Blackburn’s review of Frankfurt’s ‘On Truth’: “And when I think of Frankfurt’s resolute silence about the philosophical tradition from, say, Protagoras onward, I confess to scenting a whiff of something like—well, negligence with the truth, an affectation of amateur carelessness adopted to mislead or manipulate the audience, and which therefore, by Frankfurt’s own account, characterizes the bullshitter.”

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  3. SocraticGadfly

    per massimo, if a new massive particle accelerator really promises to have that much civilian-world benefit, let Musk or Bezos or Hucksterman build it. Per Sen. Warren’s ‘you didn’t build that’ of a couple of years ago, I tire of libertarian/tech-neoliberal billionaires benefitting off public sector work of the past without credit.

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