Plato’s reading suggestions, episode 138

Here it is, our regular Friday diet of suggested readings for the weekend:

Was autism a Nazi invention? (Not really, but it’s an interesting story.)

People’s egos get bigger after meditation and yoga, says a new study.

“Because I don’t think we should legitimise personal experience as the final arbiter of truth it’s worth gently questioning what it means to experience ego dissolution.”

How we got to be so self(ie)-absorbed: the long story.

The omnigenic model: research suggests pretty much every gene affects pretty much every complex character.


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32 thoughts on “Plato’s reading suggestions, episode 138

  1. wtc48

    Brodix: “Given the success of western economics over the last several centuries, this view of ourselves as separate from our environment, is quite useful in exploiting anything and everything, but I suspect the eastern view will prove more realistic in the long run.”

    Given the current globalization of western culture, the “eastern” view may not be too different, in terms of exploitation. If we focus on human exploitation in general (the root of our environmental crisis), we might get a more realistic view, though what to do about it is the really hard problem.

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  2. SocraticGadfly

    Per Leo and others, I blame Robert Wright, Batchelor and others for any “mistranslation.” Actually, “context-free appropriation” is a better term. Don’t forget that, where meditation is practiced in actual Buddhism as a religion, in branches that it is, it is practiced by monks and nuns to work on karma and escape reincarnation.

    As for Western self-esteem movements that originated organically and aren’t Eastern fast-rinsed, some of them come from Randianism, which is of course focused on producing a bigger ego.


    And, I guess nobody wants to pick up further on the thread about the Sheffer book.


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