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The value (or lack thereof) of a liberal arts education

liberal artsDan Kaufman (see his webzine, the Electric Agora) and I had another of our conversations over at, this time centering on Dan’s recently articulated skepticism about ongoing defenses of the concept of a liberal arts education in college. Here is his original article, provocatively entitled “On Some Common Rationales for Liberal Education (and why they aren’t very good).”

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(non meta-) Ethics

ethicsDan Kaufman (see his webzine, the Electric Agora) and I had another of our conversations over at, this time on ethics, from a non-meta perspective. That is, we didn’t talk about realism or antirealism about ethical truths, or other such matters, but focused instead on the kind of ethical discourse that might (ought?) to be of interest also to people outside of the small philosophical academic community.

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Two favorite philosophers: Bertrand Russell and Gilbert Ryle

Bertrand RussellHere comes another of my occasional conversations with my colleague Dan Kaufman of Missouri State University. (Incidentally, he and two other former collaborators to my now archived Scientia Salon webzine have just started an excellent new project, The Electric Agora.)

This time we simply each picked one philosopher that was highly influential in our careers, or who has somehow shaped our way of thinking about philosophy, and chatted about it for a bit. I think the episode is worth checking out, it came out much better than the above somewhat lame description may suggest.

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Conversations with Dan Kaufman

Dan KaufmanI’d like to bring to readers’ attention a series of video conversations that I have been taping for a  while now, on an occasional basis, with philosopher Dan Kaufman, of Missouri State University. (If you are interested, check his new enterprise, The Electric Agora.)

The videos are produced on behalf of, and they are now part of a regular series that Dan puts out, called Sophia. You can find the full collection (thus far) at my YouTube channel.

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The problems with strong Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligenceOccasionally I have a video conversation with my colleague Dan Kaufman, who is a professor of philosophy at Missouri State University and a graduate of the City University of New York (where I teach, though he wasn’t one of my students!). You may want to check out his writings, he blogs over at Apophenia.

Anyway, the latest such conversation, archived at my YouTube channel (but you can watch it here, video below) is about ideas related to strong Artificial Intelligence and the philosophy of consciousness.

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